Our Services

Lighting Design

Quality lighting starts with a good design.  We take the time to determine your lighting goals, and then help you understand the tools and effects needed to reach them.  We provide a detailed conceptual plan that includes product notes, effect descriptions, and a comprehensive price estimate to make sure that you know  exactly what to expect from the lighitng installation (and then we proceed to exceed those expectations with the final product!!). Typically, our projects include both design and installation of the components, though we are willing to provide stand-alone lighting design in some cases.

Installation and Project Management

Our installers  follow the latest guidelines for low-voltage installation based on industry standards defined by the AOLPand we ensure that all installs meet local code requirements. When necessary, we retain licensed electrical contractors for any high-voltage or commercial work. 


We are experienced in the teamwork required when working with other trades and designers on new-construction projects.  And finally, we always create thorough "as-built" drawings to provide an accurate record of  installation notes for ourselves and our clients. 


Our goal is to complete the entire install process with the least disturbance to the both physical property itself, and the homeowner's personal time and space.  


All of our lighting systems are specifially created to handle the harsh conditions encountered in the outdoor environment.  However, the components will still need servicing over time to keep the system perfoming at its best. Cleaning dirt, insects, and hard water deposits from fixtures, re-positioning fixtures  to accomodate plant growth, and periodic system inspections to repair wear-and-tear from landscaping and everyday outdoor use are all part of our service packages, which are available either on and "as-needed" basis or through scheduled "tune up" service programs.