Your Home is your sanctuary - you fill it with the people and possesions you love, and pour your effort and invstment into making it a reflection of you and your lifestyle. Yet you are rarely home during daylight  to enjoy the outdoor settting you worked so hard to create!


Thats where After Dark Lighting comes in.  For nearly twenty years, we have helped homeowners in SW Idaho enjoy the beauty and practical benefits of landscape lighting. We've built our reputation by creating unique, beatuiful, and lasting nighttime environments that truly enhance your enjoyment of your surroundings.  


We invite you to explore the practical and aesthetic benefits that a quality lighting design from After Dark Lighting can bring to your home. 

"Light belongs to the heart and spirit...Light attracts people, shows the way, and when we see it in the distance we follow it”

- Ricardo Legorreta, Architect -  

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